Excellent Land Rover Body Repair Services

Fix Any Scratch or Bump

If you have been unlucky and your Land Rover has scratches or bumps, we can help you out at Land Rover Brossard. We offer a wide selection of affordable body repair services and our team of knowledgeable technicians are always happy to help.

At Land Rover Brossard, our body shop services are offered by technicians who specialize in Land Rover or Range Rover products. They only use genuine Land Rover or Range Rover parts in all their repairs as well as state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the quality of their work.

No matter the damage to your vehicle’s body, you can trust the professional team at Land Rover Brossard. We have modern facilities to ensure that we do our best work, and your Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle will shine again as soon as it leaves our body shop. At Land Rover Brossard, we work with insurance companies to give you an estimate before the work begins.

For quality care and affordable body repair services in Brossard, trust Land Rover Brossard.

Fix Any Scratch or Bump


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